Electric Underfloor Heating

UHS UK’s electric underfloor range can work in two ways, either as independent heating systems or as a compliment to wet UFH. They work through heating cables installed in mats or coils across the floor area. A thin layer of flooring compound is placed over heating coils for protection onto which the finished floor can then be laid. For an energy-efficient system, an insulation layer is recommended below the heating cable. The temperature is then controlled by floor probes and thermostats.


As well as being ideally suited to bathrooms and kitchens, electric underfloor heating is very often the answer for house renovations and building extensions due to the low height build up.


Electric underfloor heating is an efficient source of heat with low carbon dioxide emissions. Our Energy Saver products give you a speedy system that is only used when it is actually needed.  Radiators are usually turned off during the warm period of the year and this can mean that tiled floors in kitchens or bathrooms can be cold even in the summer months. With electric underfloor heating you can choose to keep those areas warm all year round.


Electric underfloor heating is a great option if you want a flexible heating system and can often be a cost effective and simple solution. 

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